Week 4 Assignment:Blog Assignment:Interne-Based Multimedia Resources for Online Learning


YouTubeEDU makes up part of the high quality educational videos of over 700,000 among 800 different channels.  Teachers across the country put together the site to make it known about the latest and greatest added educational videos to YouTubeEDU.  The purpose of the added site is to let it be known that the videos are one everything from Astrophysics to Zoology.

The educators selected are brilliance and waiting on suggestions from great videos playlists and channels to make YouTube EDU more educational and engaging for learners of all ages and backgrounds.


Through this learning resource, Annenberg Learner advances learning by using telecommunications and media.  The Annenberg Foundation made it possible through broad distribution and funding of educational video programs to coordinate Web and for printed materials for the professional development teachers.  The purpose for these resources is to use for learners views at home and inside of the classrooms.

I have learned from the multimedia resources that the resources must be used in order to see growth in the academic achievements.

As an educator, I believe incorporating the resources into online learning experience is definitely one that can be used for any information and along with everything you need or want to know.  These resources can be used for tutorials on how to and information on all different subjects and topics.


Conrad, R. & Donaldson, J.A. (2011). Engaging the online learner. Activities and resources for creative instructions (Updated ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2012). Keeping the learner motivated and engaged. Baltimore, MD: Author.

4 thoughts on “Week 4 Assignment:Blog Assignment:Interne-Based Multimedia Resources for Online Learning

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  2. Larry,
    I wrote about YouTube also! It is such a great resource for almost anything, at almost any level of ability. Just the other night I was working at a commercial site and needed to program a DVR for security cameras. It was 3:00am and there were no technical support staff available, also at that time of the morning my coworkers are fast asleep! I searched YouTube for a video, found it and had the DVR programmed in less than five minutes. I’ve had similar experiences in the past without this type of technology and it can take days for someone to get back to a technical call. Gotta love YouTube!

  3. I find youtube.com to be a great source for me. I have used it to learn how to do several do-it-yourself jobs at home such as using different painting techniques on my walls to making different arts and crafts in the classroom with students.

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